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Based in Chicago, Vertical Worship is a collective of worship leaders & songwriters spanning multiple campuses at Harvest Bible Chapel. Their songs include the powerful song and radio hit “Yes I Will,” as well as popular songs worship songs “Open Up the Heavens,” “Spirit of the Living God,” and “Exalted Over All.” Their latest release is “Grace Is On Our Side” which features the songs “Faithful Now” and “Over and Over” among others.  Vertical Worship aims to serve the global church with worship songs, worship leader training, and encourage believers everywhere to hold on to hope just as the lyric of “Faithful Now” proclaims ‘You were faithful then, You’ll be faithful now.’
Andi Rozier | Tara Cruz | Jake France | Judd Harris | Lauren Smith | Kyle Smith | Robert Titean | James Herlo | Zac Moore
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