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Top 10 Songs of Praise

1. Let the Redeemed   2. Goodness of God   3. Yes I Will   4. Alive and Breathing   5. Great Things   6. Come Taste and See   7. Do It Again   8. Isn’t He This Jesus   9. Great A…

Jason Ingram Billboard Article

He also rules the Christian Producers survey. Jason Ingram continues his domination of the Christian Songwriters chart, as he logs his 20th week at No. 1, thanks to five writing credits on the Hot Chr…

Top Christmas Worship Songs 2019

Is it Christmas time already? Christmas might feel far away, but planning for Christmas and Advent worship services has already begun. We know that creating the perfect Christmas service setlist is a…

Best of Vertical Worship

For years, Vertical Worship has been releasing new worship songs to serve the Church. As they continue to work on new music, we want to highlight 5 of their top songs. Here is our list of 5 powerful V…

What it Means to be a Worship Leader

Sydney: Hey, I’m Sydney! Kenzie: I’m Kenzie! Sydney: And we are from SEU Worship, and today we are just sharing our thoughts on what we think a worship leader is. So, Kenzie, how would you answer that…

spark. – Red Rocks Worship

Here’s everything you need to lead the new worship songs from Red Rocks Worship’s new album “spark.” On Earth As in Heaven (Live) Breakthrough (Live) Come Alive (Live) No Other…