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Essential Weekly – Proverbs Week 1

What do you have wisdom about?  . When I think about wisdom, I often think of my grandma. When it comes to laundry, she is the wisest person I know. It sounds silly to think of, but she kne…

Essential Weekly – Joshua 4

As we begin to discuss Joshua 4 this week, I’d love to begin with prayer. . Pray with me, Lord, I come to you with an open heart and an open mind. I confess the ways I’ve sinned again you and…

Essential Weekly – Joshua 3

What circumstance are you in right now that feels incredibly impossible and exhausting? . No really, take a pause and think of how you have really been feeling lately. It probably feels like…

Essential Weekly – Joshua 2

The story of Rahab is such an incredible look into the type of God we serve. One that loves unconditionally, sees through our exterior to the small crevices of our heart, & can use anyone in any c…

4th of July – 2021

Thank you to all those who serve or have served our country proudly to ensure that we can all walk in freedom. John 16:33 tells us, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In…

Essential Weekly – Joshua 1

Let’s prepare our hearts … pray with me. Lord, I pray that you meet me in this moment and speak to me. I confess my sinful nature to you and ask for forgiveness for whatever I have done against you…