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4 Reasons Every Church Should Release Music!

By: Stephen Brewster Does your team write songs? Can I hear them? Well I can’t if you don’t release them!Every church should release music.That doesn’t mean every church will be Elevation Worship,…

Father’s Day 2021

“As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.” Psalm 103:13 ESV As we celebrate Father’s Day, we have the opportunity to honor our fathers,…

Can You Really Stop Losing Your Best Volunteers & Staff?

By Stephen Brewster: It hurts when people leave. It’s been said that people don’t quit organizations, they quit people. There are a million reasons why, over time, we can lose talented volu…

How successful organizations avoid creative killers like “that guy”.

Have ever been in a meeting and as soon as “that guy” walks in the room, you feel the air get sucked out of the space? There is NOTHING worse than being the person who is sitting in the room ready to…

Are You Living The 6 Traits Of A “Compassionate Leader”?

By: Stephen Brewster I desperately want to be someone and work with others who show genuine concern for others, are empathetic and sympathetic to what is going on but have an unwavering necessity t…

6 Warning Signs Of A Dangerous or Unhealthy Leader

By: Stephen Brewster Have you ever had one of those days when multiple messages seem to tell you the same thing? I mean, like, you hear one thing, then a few hours later another thing, and it is al…