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By: C3.NYC

INTRO C Em7 D D VERSE 1 C Em7 Lord when You found me D I was in a barren land C Em7 So glad you found me D You pulled me out of sinking sand PRECHORUS C Em7 You brought me out of the desert D Where I’d been thirsty forever C Em7 One sip of Your living water, D I’ll never thirst again CHORUS C G D You love's an oasis for my heart Em7 C A place to call my home Em7 G D A harbor for my soul (Jesus) C G D Your love, it calls me by my name Em7 C Invites me into grace G D And I am here to stay in this Em7 C G D Oasis for my heart (Oh, Oh) Em7 C G D Oasis for my heart (Oh, Oh) VERSE 2 Em7 C Em7 Washed in Your mercy D I’m flooded with endless life C Em7 You say that I’m worthy D I’m beautiful in Your eyes BRIDGE C G I’ve tasted and seen it D Em7 Now I’m living in Your freedom C G Like I’m running out of Egypt D Into the Promised Land, Em7 the Promised Land
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Songwriters: Hannah Falk, Heath Balltzglier, Nick Schwarz, Ron Leakey

CCLI#: 7205409

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 73