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There is Freedom

By: C3.NYC

Bb Dm7 C INTRO: - - - - | - - - - VERSE 1 Bb Dm7 C Lifted out of muck and mire Bb Dm C You set my feet on solid ground Bb Dm7 C VERSE 2 Bb Dm7 C First to meet me in the waiting Bb Dm7 C You hear my cry and all my cares Bb Dm7 C I just look in Your direction Bb Dm7 C And You change the atmosphere CHORUS F There is freedom, freedom, C Freedom in this place F/A There is power, power Bb Power in Your name F/C There is freedom, freedom, Dm7 In the fullness of Your grace F/A In Your presence, Jesus Bb Everything will change VERSE 3 Bb Dm7 C Joy that changes my perspective Bb Dm7 C Healing all that is unseen Bb Dm7 C By my side and in my corner Bb Dm7 C You're the hope that never leaves INTERLUDE F Am7 Dm7 Bb BRIDGE F I’ll sing a new song Am7 my testimony Dm7 Out of the shadows Bb You rescued me F Into Your goodness Am7 Into Your promise Dm7 No place on earth Bb that I'd rather be
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Songwriters: Christopher Johnson, Hannah Rae, Nate Moore

CCLI#: 7205414

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 85