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Hey Jesus


    >         >         >         >
C / G / | C / G / | C / G / | C / G / 

[Verse 1] 
             C               G
It’s hard to   make an hon - est living
         C             G
When I’m  not an hon - est guy
  Am                   G/B
I cast my net into the wa - ter 
    C                  D
And hope the tide runs high
C          G
 Out there in the distance
         C                G       
I see you  standing on the shore
    Am                        G/B
You said there’s a new way of fish - ing 
          C                  D
That I’ve   never tried be - fore

[Pre-Chorus 1]
                G/B      C                     D
I thought you’d call the shots from across the sea
        G/B             C         D
But you got down in the boat with me

F              C
  Hey Jesus, I really want to follow you 
G                             F
No one’s ever done for me the things I watched you do
C              G
  Hey Jesus, I really love who you are 
  F                                     C
I know I’ve got a ways to go, could you walk with me that far?
    G           F         C
I’m so glad You called my name
     G            F       C     
Be - fore I could ev - en say, “Hey Jesus”

[Verse 2]
      C           G
I got   caught up in some trouble
        C                G
But I’m not putting up a fight
       Am                   G/B
‘Cause justice comes in the morn - ing 
        C                  D
For the sin - ning I do at night
C                  G
  Nak - ed and a - ban - doned
    C                     G
I’m bracing for the first stone 
    Am                G/B
You touch my face and let me know 
        C             D
My ac - cu - sers are gone

[Pre-Chorus 2]
              G/B       C                    D
Thought you’d take your place in the Judge’s seat
    G/B                   C        D
But you, you wrote in the sand for me


G / F / | C / / / | G / F / | C / / / 

[Verse 3]
          C              G
There are   three wooden crosses
C                 G
Two thieves and a King
    Am                 G/B  
But can’t they see the in - nocence 
C                       D
Hang - ing here next to me?
     C                  G
Am I too late for for - give - ness? 
               C                 G
Would you re - mem - ber me to - night? 
    Am              G/B                C            D
And with your dying breath you welcome me to para - dise

[Pre-Chorus 3]
              G/B         C               D
You could’ve left me alone in my suffering 
    G/B               C          D
But you stayed on the cross with me

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Songwriters: Logan Cain, Madison Cain Johnson, Taylor Matz

CCLI#: 7176870

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 74