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By: Fellowship Creative

VERSE D Holy, You’re set apart D/F# There is no one like You Bm D/F# G Who has done what You’ve done in my heart D Perfect, in all Your ways D/F# Bm And You cover me up with Your grace D/F# G Erasing all my mistakes PRECHORUS A Bm A love that’s higher than the stars above G D Deeper than the ocean blue G D A All I need is You to change my life A Bm Mercy wider than the east to west G D Brighter than a morning view G D 5 All I need is You to make me right CHORUS Bm G D All I need is You Bm G D I give all of me to You VERSE D Faithful, You’re ever near D/F# Though I walk through the valley Bm D/F# G I know that I’ve got nothing to fear D Righteous, good and true D/F# Bm You are higher than all of my ways D/F# G I got my heart set on You BRIDGE A Spirit come and speak Bm G I am listening right now A Waiting here for You Bm G I want to see You move right now Chords and Lyrics by
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Songwriters: Fellowship Church, Jonathan Smith

CCLI#: 7059127

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 130