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Open the Heavens

By: Gateway Worship

VERSE A Our lives, our hearts, our hands Bm D G We're reaching out to see You move again Bm D A We can hardly wait, come flood this place Bm D G We’re ready now, it's all about to change PRE CHORUS Bm D A Let Your Kingdom come - Let Your will be done Bm D G Let Your fire fall - Let Your fire fall CHORUS A Open the Heavens Bm D G Pour Your Spirit out on us Bm D A Unleash Your presence Bm D G Bm D A Jesus come alive in us - Open the heavens VERSE 2 A This time, this place, it's Yours Bm D G Unlock the gates and open up the doors BRIDGE A Bm Darkness trembles - Mountains shake G Bm What was dead now comes awake A Bm Every captive breaking free G Right now, right now, right now (2x) Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Jonathan Cole Novak, Kyle Lee, Tyler Bates, Walker Beach

CCLI#: 7088162

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 97