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By: Gateway Worship

G 		      A  	   
  I could pray for deliverance
Bm  			     D/F#
  I could beg You for greener pastures
G		      A
  I could question why I’m still here
Bm			    D/F#
  Shake my fist and demand an answer

G		 A	
  But right here - right now
Bm			      D/F#
  Is where I start to know You better
G		A	   Bm
  So right here - I’ll stay

D/F#		G      A    Bm		  D
Even in the wilderness - I know I’m not alone
D/F#	      G		 A       Bm	 D
Even in the desert place - Your river overflows
D/F#	     G	      A		 
Even in the wasteland
		     Bm		     D
Through the darkest valley there is hope
    D/F#	  G	   A
Cause Even in the wilderness
	  G   (A)
You won't let go

G		      A
  I could settle for what I want
Bm			   D/F#
  I could ask for the easy way out
G			   A
  But You've proven that You're still good
Bm			    D/F#			
  In the midst of the valley of doubt

	  G   A		     Bm  D/F#
You will lead me - You will keep me
	  G     A     Bm  D/F#
You will never let me go        (2x)

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Songwriters: Anna Byrd, Kyle Lee, Michael Farren

CCLI#: 7090551

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 130