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Only Your Love

By: Kari Jobe

VERSE C#m Your love is strong and mighty A Its jealousy unyielding E G#m It burns for me like a fire untamed C#m Your love is all consuming A You never stop pursuing E G#m Nothing I could face could take it away PRECHORUS A B Oh, oh, oh Your love A Oh, oh oh CHORUS A Your love is like no other E Nothing else satisfies C#m It flows through the deepest waters B It rests on the mountain high A Your love is overwhelming E Brought me to life again C#m Your love, it lasts forever B In You there'll be no end A Oh, oh, only Your love E Oh, oh, only Your love C#m B Oh, oh, only Your love VERSE C#m Nothing can separate us A E Many trials can't hide Your love G#m No sorrow can wash it away BRIDGE F#m C#m E How deep, How wide F#m C#m B How long, How high Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Amy Davis, Ben Davis, Jason Ingram, Kari Jobe

CCLI#: 7007820

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 132