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Heaven’s All Around

By: Life.Church Worship

INTRO (Bm ‘D/F#) (G ‘D) (Bm ‘D/F#) (G ‘D) VERSE 1 Bm D/F# You opened my eyes G D To the unseen Bm D/F# Once I was blind G D But now I believe Bm D/F# You tore down the walls G D That kept us apart Bm D/F# What seemed like the end G D Was only the start CHORUS Bm Heaven’s all around D/F# Heaven’s all around G D Jesus is near Bm I can see it now D/F# I can see it now G D Your kingdom is here VERSE 2 Bm D/F# For all that we’ve seen G D There’s still more to come Bm D/F# We know you’ll finish G D What you’ve begun Bm D/F# Battles may rage G D But we will not fear Bm D/F# We know our victory G D Is standing right here BRIDGE Bm D/F# Come and move how you want to G D Come and make the old brand new Bm D/F# Come and move how you want to G D Do what only you can do
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Songwriters: Cassidy Estevez, Chris Kuti, Dameon Aranda, David Wellman, Dustin Smith, Rob Estevez, Stephen Cole

CCLI#: 7146360

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 69