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Hallelujah Even Here

By: Lydia Laird

[VERSE 1] F Right now, I feel A little overwhelmed Am7 Right now I could really use some help Bb F C Right now I don’t feel like it is well F I’ve tried to find a way around the mess Am7 I’ve prayed in faith that night would end Bb F Right here when I just can’t understand C I’ll lift my hands [CHORUS] F Hallelujah when the storm is relentless Am Hallelujah when the battle is endless Bb In the middle of the in between In the middle of the questioning Dm C Over every worry and the fear F Hallelujah even here [INSTRUMENTAL] F / / / | Gm / / / | Dm / / / | Bb / / / [VERSE 3] F Somehow I bow and my heart gets free Am7 Too far, too hard becomes so easy Bb F I find peace here in surrendering C In letting go [CHORUS] [INSTRUMENTAL] [BRIDGE] F Sometimes nothing left to give Becomes the sweetest offering Sometimes choosing just to sing Is the thing that changes everything [CHORUS] [OUTRO] F Gm Dm Hallelujah even here F Hallelujah even here Chord charts and lyrics provided
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Songwriters: Lydia Laird, Jonathan Smith, Mia Fieldes

CCLI#: 7142018

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 88