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To Be Loved

By: Lydia Laird

[INTRO] > > > > G / Am / | Em / C / | G / Am / | Em / C / [VERSE 1] G Am I’ve come before You with crafted prayers Em C Cleaned up the version of what I share G Am Saying the things I’m supposed to Em C Bottling up what I’m going through G Am Afraid of unraveling into a mess Em C So I fake a smile in my Sunday best G Am Hiding the pain underneath it Em C Hoping You don’t find my weakness  [PRE CHORUS] D Em C But You see right through me and invite me to a place D Em C Where my broken pieces can fall right into grace    [CHORUS] G Am Em C It’s enough just to be loved I don’t have to earn Your heart  G Am Em C Just be held, just be myself, I can rest in who You are ‘cause G Am You’re not looking for perfection, and I Em C Already have Your affection and G Am Em C It’s enough just to be loved, just to be loved by You [INSTRUMENTAL] > > > > G / Am / | Em / C / | G / Am / | Em / C / [VERSE 2] G Am The greater the shame of a wounded soul Em C The deeper the healing of mercy goes G Am I’m telling all of my secrets Em C I know that You can redeem them [PRE CHORUS]  [CHORUS] [BRIDGE 1] [x2] G Am Em C G I don’t have to be anything but completely loved by You Am Em C It’s enough just to be loved, it’s enough just to be loved [BRIDGE 2] G Am Em C G Am Oh, it’s enough… I am loved Em C I’m loved by You [CHORUS] [BRIDGE 1] [x2] [END] Chord chart and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Ethan Hulse, Lydia Laird, Nick Schwarz

CCLI#: 7133057

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 90