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A Million Saints

By: Meredith Andrews

Intro E Verse 1 E You work in signs and wonders Your voice is light and thunder A Your glory burns in every star C#m You flood the earth with beauty B I see You all around me A Oh God, how wonderful You are Chorus E Fall down with a million saints F#m A F#m Lift up my hands and say You’re Holy, Ho - ly E Join in with the ancient song F#m A F#m Heaven and earth respond You’re Holy, Ho - ly Verse 2 E Your heart for every nation F#m Reaches through generations A You called each prodigal Your child C#m You bridged the greatest distance B To grace us with Your presence A And draw the sinner to Your side, and I can't help but... Chorus Bridge B C#m A E Oh for a million songs to sing B C#m A E All for the glory of our King B C#m A E Oh for a million voices raised B C#m A E All in a roar of endless praise B C#m A B C#m A Holy, You are Holy Ending E Chorus 2x Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Phil Wickham, Hank Bentley, Meredith Andrews, Mia Fieldes

CCLI#: 7112844

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 155