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Who Could

By: Meredith Andrews

Intro (2x) Ab - Fm7 - Cm7 - Bb Verse 1 Ab Fm7 Who could speak to the void and draw out the day Cm7 Bb Who can reign over time and infinite space Ab Fm7 Who would give up His throne to heal and to serve Cm7 Bb And lay down His rights to rescue the world Pre-chorus Ab Fm7 The Lord of all, The King of Kings Ab Fm7 His glory falls, the whole earth sings Chorus Ab Worthy is the Lamb Eb Worthy is the Lamb Bb Slain before the world Fm7 Who reigns forevermore REPEAT CHORUS Verse 2 Ab Fm7 Who would carry the cross and suffer as man Cm7 Bb Who could feel every sin driven through His hands Ab Fm7 Who could open the tomb once it was closed Cm7 Bb Who could walk out on death, leaving his grave clothes Interlude Ab - Eb - Bb - Fm7 Bridge Ab Who could open the scroll Fm7 At the end of the age Cm7 He poured out his blood Bb He's the Name above all names REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS Outro Ab - Eb - Bb - Fm7 Ab - Eb - Bb - Fm7 - Ab
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Songwriters: Jacob Sooter, Eddie Hoagland, Meredith Andrews

CCLI#: 7119411

Recommended Key: Eb

Tempo/BPM: 70