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Don’t Lose Heart

By: Steven Curtis Chapman

[INTRO] F Gm Dm Bb [VERSE 1] F Gm Dm Another sleepless night, praying hope comes with the morning light Bb F Right now you’re feeling like you’ve lost this fight Gm Dm Bb And fear is screaming out your name F Gm Dm When you say God help me, You’re wondering if He’s even listening Bb F Truth is, I’ve wondered the very same thing Gm Dm Bb So, you don’t have to feel ashamed [PRE-CHORUS 1] C Dm Bb Let me walk with you through this valley C Dm Bb And tell you all that I’ve learned to be true [CHORUS] F Don’t lose heart, don’t you dare let go Gm Dm I’ve been where you are, you are not alone Bb F I know it gets dark, I know it gets hard Gm Dm Bb But we’re gonna make it home, so don’t lose heart [TAG] F Gm Dm Bb Don’t lose heart, don’t lose heart [VERSE 2] F Gm Dm Take my hand, and I’ll show all the scars from where I’ve been Bb F Remind you how we both know this story ends Gm Dm Bb I know you’ll do the same for me [PRE-CHORUS 2] C Dm Bb These afflictions that are only temporary C Dm Bb Are gonna turn to glory beyond compare [CHORUS] [TAG] [BRIDGE] Gm F/A Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith Bb C Just hold on tight to every promise God has made Gm F/A You lose the fear in the light of grace Bb C Just lift your eyes to your Father’s face [PRE-CHORUS 3] C Dm Bb Hear the song he’s singing over you F Dm Don’t lose heart, I won’t ever let you go Bb Gm F/A Bb I’m right where you are, You’re safe in my arms [CHORUS] [OUTRO] F Gm Dm Bb Don’t lose heart, don’t lose heart F Gm Dm Bb Don’t lose heart, we’re gonna make it home F Don’t lose heart
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Songwriters: Bryan Fowler, Micah Kuiper, Steven Curtis Chapman

CCLI#: 7200597

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 113