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God of Forever

By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Db                Gb                 Db
You are the very first, You are the last
                  Gb              Dbm
God of the days ahead, God of the past
 Db/F       Gb               Db             
Before beginning beyond the end
           Gb             Bbm           Ab
You hold eternity, In the palm of your hand

 Db             Db/F	
God of Forever, You are Forever
 Gb                 Bbm              Ab/C
Your love forever,       Is what You made us for
 Db             Db/F
God of Forever, You are Forever
Bbm                    Gb          Ab
And You have saved us,    To be forever Yours 

 Db           Gb                            Db
You told the hands of time when they could start
                 Gb              Bbm
You’ve placed eternity in every heart
  Db/F      Gb                    Db             
To You a thousand years is just a day
                 Gb                    Bbm  Ab/C
But You stepped into time, To take our sin away

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Songwriters: Steven Curtis Chapman, Brent Milligan

CCLI#: 7052879

Recommended Key: Db

Tempo/BPM: 89