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God of Forever

By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Db Gb Db
You are the very first, You are the last
Gb Dbm
God of the days ahead, God of the past
Db/F Gb Db
Before beginning beyond the end
Gb Bbm Ab
You hold eternity, In the palm of your hand CHORUS
Db Db/F
God of Forever, You are Forever
Gb Bbm Ab/C
Your love forever, Is what You made us for
Db Db/F
God of Forever, You are Forever
Bbm Gb Ab
And You have saved us, To be forever Yours VERSE 2
Db Gb Db
You told the hands of time when they could start
Gb Bbm
You’ve placed eternity in every heart
Db/F Gb Db
To You a thousand years is just a day
Gb Bbm Ab/C
But You stepped into time, To take our sin away Chords and lyrics provided by EssentialWorship.com
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Songwriters: Steven Curtis Chapman, Brent Milligan

CCLI#: 7052879

Recommended Key: Db

Tempo/BPM: 89