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Sing For You

By: Steven Curtis Chapman

VERSE 1 Db Come let us sing for joy, Come let us shout aloud Gb Db To the rock of our salvation, Come let us sing Db Come with a thankful heart, Into His presence now Gb Ebm Db To make a joyful noise to Him, Come let us sing PRECHORUS Bbm In His hands He holds creation Gb Highest mountains deepest seas Bbm And on His hands He bears the scars Gb Of His great love for you and me CHORUS Db Db/F For everything You are, For everything You’ve done Gb Ebm We sing for You, We sing for You Db Db/F With every breath of life, You’re breathing into us Gb Ebm We sing for You, We sing for You Bbm Ab The Glory of your grace, The wonders of your love Gb Db/F A millions songs of praise, Will never be enough Ebm Gb Forever and forever, We sing for You VERSE 2 Db So we come now to give You praise With how we love and how we obey Gb Ebm We want our lives to be a song, We sing for You Bbm We sing with the saints and angels Gb Gathered now before your throne Bbm As we sing Holy Holy Holy Gb You are God and God alone BRIDGE Gb Reigning and returning King Bbm Sovereign over everything Ebm Db/F Gb Ab Heaven and Creation ring with your song Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Steven Curtis Chapman

CCLI#: 7052887

Recommended Key: Db

Tempo/BPM: 111