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Praise You Again

By: SEU Worship

I was an orphan lost and alone I was a prisoner in chains of my own I was a dead man walking down a dead end road Till I met Jesus my miracle The Love of God, it never rests No matter how far I run, it never quits You’re not afraid of my brokenness So I’m not ashamed to praise you again Hallelujah praise you again Hallelujah I’ll praise you again I walk in freedom look at those chains on the floor Now I am seated at the table of the Lord I’m not a prodigal wandering cause I know where I belong My life’s a testimony He’s still doing miracles This is my story this is my song Everyday I’ll praise You with everything I’ve got There’s no one like Jesus, nothing like His love Everyday I’ll praise You and sing of what Youve done
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, David Ryan Cook, Jonathan Smith

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 82